Hi there, I'm Nicholas

An aspiring behavioral economist and data scientist currently based in Rotterdam, where I’m pursuing a masters in behavioral economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

My journey started 25 years ago when I was born in an entrepreneurial family for which I have lived in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. One day I told my mother that I wanted one thing: bring people from all backgrounds closer to each other.

2 years ago, I obtained a double bachelor in Economics and Marketing, and was anxious about the future. My biggest question was: “what is my next step?” One thing I was still sure about, I wanted to work in tech to make a positive impact on today’s society.

Immediately after graduation, I was lucky enough to receive a job offer from a tech consulting firm where I advised and trained corporates, SMEs and fast-growing startups on how to create digital products that people love by using growth marketing methodologies. This first experience has opened my eyes!

Since then, I discovered my deep curiosity in the intersection between human behavior, economic theories, product research and data science. So, I decided to quit my job, freelance for a year and start applying for a masters in behavioral economics in which I can push my own (academic) boundaries before I can actually have a positive impact on a global scale.

I’ve come a long way and I’m still enjoying the ride! 🤓

Outside of studying, I work on my own (way too many) side projects, read books, write about topics that interest me and play fifa on my playstation. And you can probably find me every morning at 7AM in the crossfit gym or outside for a run, lots and lots of runs, getting away and being disconnected is a critical part of my life.

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Nicholas Smeele